Why GOOOD? Why 3 ‘‘OOO’’s?

Because GOOOD PIZZA is something new, something that didn’t exist to date, like the word “GOOOD”!

“ORIGINAL” such as our concept, a way of enjoying an amazing Pizza, in a different shape, made from slow-rising sourdough (72 hours).

In these fast paced days when people don’t have time to enjoy slow food, we propose an “OUTSTANDING” yet fast product without changing the Italian culinary tradition.

“ORGANIC” such as some of our products. We only use quality ingredients to ensure to our customers a unique and unmistakable taste.


We only use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil according to the old oil tradition.


Produced from italian stone milled wheat this ancient process gives the product unique properties that make the dough crispy and tasty.


Handpicked tomatoes are processed in puree or chunks and used to flavour our pizza.


High quality mozzarella and buffalo mozzarella, scamorza and provola directly from selected farms in campania.